As I was taught growing up, the invitation sets the tone for the party. And the very first thing your guest will experience is how beautifully their name is written! Let's work together to bring some personality to your special event, whether you be looking for a soft hand or a dramatic flourish.



Calligraphy | Handwriting | Envelope addressing | Return address printing or stamp | Custom rubber stamp | Event signage | Escort cards | Place cards | Seating chart | Wedding program | Menu card | Monogram Custom pieces | Custom handpainted Veuve Clicquot bottles


Prices for calligraphy are provided upon request and do not include paper stock or any other supplies. Clients may either (1) provide their preferred envelopes, escort cards, place cards, etc. or (2) work with me to select paper stocks and I will provide separate pricing for your supplies.

ALL projects require a brief consultation prior to providing a quote.  

Wedding vendors — please use the button below to inquire about samples, standard pricing, etc. 


Shout Hello!

Please contact me via email or through my contact form and tell me a bit about what you’re looking for! Remember that addressing envelopes with pen and ink takes quite a bit more time than normal handwriting – it’s best to reach out early to provide plenty of time before your big day.

Let’s meet.

We can chat in-person or over the phone, but let’s get a better picture of what your needs are. We’ll go over all timing details, flip through samples, talk through colors, and gush over all things paper. After our meeting, I’ll provide you with an overview of your selections, a timeline, and a quote. You’ll send over your $100 deposit fee and off we go. Don’t worry – your deposit is credited toward your final bill, it’s just to be sure your spot is held!

Work. Work. Work.

Time to get the job done. Every project is unique, but please expect your envelope turnaround to take anywhere from 2-4 weeks from the time of receipt of all materials and final guest list.


I’ll notify you when your envelopes are ready for pick up, then you’re off to the post office. Please note that delays in receipt of materials and/or final mailing list will result in delays to your delivery date as well. 


Lists may be emailed to referencing your order. Lists may be submitted in Excel or Word format (templates below). Envelopes will be addressed exactly as shown on the guest list you provide, so please proofread! All calligraphy addressing orders include submission of one guest list, and one round of corrections/additions to the list. All rounds thereafter will incur a $25 charge to your bill.  

Excel Template                                           Word Template