3 Cheers for 3 Years


There are a few things I'm amazed at while writing this post:

  • M Calligraphy has hit another milestone - 3 whole years in business. Truly, how did time fly that quickly?!
  • It's been a full year since my last blog post. Now I'm not out here claiming to live the blogger lifestyle, but a full 365 days between posts seems pathetic. 

Because of the latter, I feel like my three-year post wouldn't differ too much from my two-year post, and you've got seriously easy access to reading that one. So instead of writing to y'all about how fabulous the past year has been — including but not limited to the first ever Cookies & Calligraphy classes with Cade's Cakes (more to come this year), lots and lots of small business retreats encouraging me to learn how to best grow M Calligraphy (kicking myself for not sharing recaps on how rewarding those were) and the kindest clients that let me play big (custom lavender wedding ink... I mean seriously) — I thought I would instead share the three areas I'm most excited to focus on as I step in to Year 4. That I was able to make all start with the letter B because I'm OCD. 

Goal for future state of Maddie Made — share tid bits about some of my favorite places with y'all like  Seaside, FL.

Goal for future state of Maddie Made — share tid bits about some of my favorite places with y'all like Seaside, FL.

1 | BLOG 

If you're here, you noticed that the ever-vague 'M Calligraphy blog' finally claimed a name! Maddie Made is a name that has been stuck in the back of my mind since high school, when my mom considered using it for one of her own lines. I've always thought I'd one day evolve the M Calligraphy brand into one called Maddie Made, but I've never been sure of what it would function as or look like. So in the meantime, why not utilize the name as a host for all the happenings. My hope is that it will encompass not only paper projects, but personal musings as well (main categories being travel + around town). 

2 | BTS (behind the scenes)

A little more time spent on the journey and less on the destination. HA — don't worry, I'm talking in project terms. I really want to bring y'all along with me as I complete projects, so I can share my tips and tricks. Whether it be tackling a high stack of envelopes and working through custom ink mixing, or lettering on a new material and roughin' it through trial and error of paints and pens. I think the behind-the-scenes is just as important as the final product. 


As alluded to in #1, I'm constantly thinking about where M Calligraphy is going / growing next. It's so important to me to be aware and observant about what I'm working on, what I'm becoming more interested in, which of my interests may be fading, and what wakes me up to jot down in my notes (Yes that happens, or I dream about it repeatedly until I finally remember whatever 'it' is while awake). In the later half of 2017, I attended a crazy number of industry conferences or workshops that had me crazy stimulated and excited for future-state of M Calligraphy. In most of 2018, I tabled that self-discussion to focus on the actual work I was doing. Time to get back in there and really ideate on what's to come! And of course I'll keep y'all posted. 

What I thought would be a baby blog post got a little lengthy. Eek. What I'll leave y'all with is my biggest goal that kind of holds me accountable to all three focus areas up there: Share 2-4 blog posts per month. NOT HARD, MADDIE!

Having established that goal, I guess I'll chat with y'all shortly. 

(anything is shorter than 365 days later)

XO. Mad.