New year, new word.

Always feels a little weird to already be in a new year, but 2017 doesn't happen to feel that foreign. In fact, feels like she arrived right on time. I was ready for a fresh face and all the oozing optimism that comes with January 1st. 2016 was full of huge moments for me [insert: graduation, new job, travel dabbles, flourishing business, and all the hype/fear associated with each of those things] but often times huge moments cause a stir rather than giving comfort. 2017: I am all too ready for you to make things a *bit* more comfortable. 

I don't mean comfortable as in the "complacent" definition. More like comfortable in the sense of ease. I could use a bit more whim, loosened shoulders, blithe bliss. Not saying I'm going to check out, y'all. Those who know me know all too well know that I'm usually combatting the complete opposite of being too checked in. This is all to say that in 2017, my focus will be on self compassion rather than self criticism.

I can't say this was my original idea. *Guilty.* I stole this from the daily Shine Text (that I swear by for providing a bit of much-needed daily morning inspo) because this particular idea put into words exactly what I was trying to say out loud as my fresh New Year perspective. 'Relax' didn't quite embody it, and 'chill the F out' didn't encompass the internal drive I also want to maintain. Leave it to the January 3rd back-to-work Shine Text to put me on track:

Self criticism. Am I good enough?

Self compassion. What's good enough for me?

There's going to be hard days. Annoying days. Angry days. Tall mountain days. Hungover [yikes] days. Ill days. Devastating days. Low days. 

They're going to be outnumbered by the good days. Passionate days. Thrilling days. Family days. Calligraphy-for-hours days. Party days. Best days. 

The mantra of self compassion vs. self criticism is for the first kind of days, those when I get frustrated with the unknown of the future and the pressure I put on myself to figure it all out. During those times, I'll breathe and think instead: You're doing just-freaking-fine so calm down and focus on how GREAT the great days are. 

The [somewhat] pretty bow I'm going to tie around all this is to proclaim my word for 2017. Last year's was SEEK and I think it drove me to search high and low for answers that weren't ready to reveal themselves yet. This year, I'm going to be self compassionate and allow a little more time for enjoyment.

My 2017 word: MOVE. Exercise more, travel more, explore Dallas more, see and do more. Let's go.