My Would-Be Thanksgiving Table

MCalligraphy Thanksgiving 2018 3.JPG

I’d like to start by pointing out the obvious that everyone, I’m sure, is feeling— HOW is it already Thanksgiving?! I’m not complaining because being closer to Thanksgiving means we’re closer to Christmas, though I may or may not already have my house half decorated reeeeal wintery… but we’ll get to that when its more widely accepted as “time for Christmas.”

Today I wanted to share with y’all what my “would-be” Thanksgiving table looks like. Basically how I would tablescape if I were to be entertaining in my itty bitty house on Thanksgiving Day, thank goodness that’s not actually the case! I’m a sucker for a nicely set table. If you follow along in my Instagram Stories, particularly during a family Sunday night dinner, you know I come from a household that tends to turn any night into a full-scale party. We set the table even when its just the siblings eating take out. Kudos to Mom for instilling an innate sense of celebration in us three— we mock often, but at the end of the day, even my 21 year old brother will pull out placemats unprompted. :)

MCalligraphy Thanksgiving 2018 7.JPG

A few notes that I kept top of mind while pulling together all the elements for my faux tablescape—

Keep it simple.

You may not believe it, but every piece of my table setting was something that I already owned. That’s right, no hefty purchases needed to make your setting feel fancy and fresh! You’d probably be surprised at the amount of creativity that can come out of pairing objects together that you normally don’t. For instance:

  • I rarely use all three of my dish sizes together, so seeing them all stacked already feels new to me.

  • Stacking my agate cheese board on top of a coffee table book within my color scheme makes for a low centerpiece so you can still chat across the table. And again you may not believe it, but those teensy vases are actually shot glasses [hehe] with some cut roses picked up from the grocery store. (Okay so I lied, I bought one thing).

  • All of the flatware and stemware is what I use every day. Well, most days my wine is poured into a plastic cup but you get what I mean. I pulled my main pieces first (plates, flatware, stemware), determined the colors that I already had available, then filled in with accessories to match. That’s how we got the rosy palette!

MCalligraphy Thanksgiving 2018 4.JPG

Make it personal.

Guests love feeling all the more invited into your home! My mom and I went to see Ina Garten speak last week (we died, she was incredible) and one of my favorite quotes from her was “When you cook, you create a community around you.” She emphasized how special it makes your friends feel when they sit down to eat something you made, and the paper person inside me was screaming, Why not make it all that much more special by having a spot created especially for them?

This can be accomplished with a simple place card or party favor. In my case, I kind of blended both! I had some leftover gold cardstock from a recent job, cut the larger sheet into smaller tags, calligraphed a guest name and tied it onto a mini white pumpkin for take-home. The gold matched perfectly with the rim of the stemware and y’all know how much I LOVE white ink. An all around win.

Takeaway: Scavenge your drawers for some easy craft supplies and create your personal touch by tying a handmade place card onto a fun object for your guest to take home— pumpkin, plant, pine cone, photo, and I didn’t even mean for them to all start with a P.

Click the image to access a printable gratitude list that you can use for your Thanksgiving table settings!

Click the image to access a printable gratitude list that you can use for your Thanksgiving table settings!

Last but not least,

Let’s not forget why we’re all here!

My favorite thing to include on my Thanksgiving table is a gratitude list for guests to fill out. It’s super easy to get caught up in the highlights of the holiday (ahem, the menu, ahem) but I always like to make sure that my family has even a scrap of paper to be able to write down a few things we’re all thankful for. We’ve done a good job of saving the last few years’ lists, and its really fun to reread around this time of year to see what’s still on the list and what’s changed.

Y’all are in luck, because as I was making a list to include on my own table, I thought it’d be great to be able to share with y’all in case you’re needing to add to your own table this Thursday! You’ll notice the quote selected happens to match *perfectly* with the rosy theme my table has going on, but is also a great one for gratitude in general. :)

Click here to download your printable gratitude list that you can have ready for your guests.

And now you’re all set to enjoy an easy Thanksgiving tablescape this Thursday. Scroll through the additional photos below to see how my final place setting came together. Hope to see y’all using the gratitude lists with your friends + fams, and please tag @m.calligraphy so I can take a peek!

Happiest Thanksgiving—