M Calligraphy Turns Two!

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Well, here we are again with another M Calligraphy birthday and WOW that year flew by. And somehow, this August 2017 has brought the most steady stream of booked business I think my lil inbox has ever received. It's overwhelming in the absolute best way — I love so. much. that y'all think to reach out to M Calligraphy for all of your special days, I love when my oldest friends send me a note that I am the only calligrapher they thought to email, I love when a new name I don't recognize signs up for Madeleine Mailings, I love when I finish a job and have all of five minutes before it's time to start the next 200 envelopes. I can't tell y'all how much I love all of it, and saying Thank You doesn't begin to cover it. 

A friend the other day suggested that I tally up all of the envelopes I've completed over the last year. Not gonna lie, I did try but I think the biggest realization that came out of the exercise was that I really need to document the business better [insert that emoji face with the straight teeth "eek" face going on — y'all know which one I'm talking about]. I do think that's such a cool way of thinking about my year of accomplishment, so I'll have that ready for y'all on Birthday #3. 

I love a good birthday, be it my own, my friends', my coworkers', my family's, someone who's being sung Happy Birthday in a restaurant — I'll always sing along, sister. So as anyone who knows me in the slightest would expect, I planned BIG for M Calligraphy's 2nd birthday. Here are just a few of the headlines:

  1. DID YOU SEE THE GORGEOUS VIDEO ON THE HOMEPAGE!!! I. Died. Because the stars aligned and were really trying to help me sufficiently celebrate the birthday, a friend of mine showed me the Instagram account of Klearcut Media about a week ago. They happened to be able to squeeze in a shoot the Sunday before M Calligraphy's birthday, and low and behold the photos + videos are aaaamazing. I'm already brainstorming the soonest reason I can come up with for these extremely talented girls to come shoot with me again. 
  2. #MCalligraphyClass is BACK. I missed teaching so much, y'all. In starting my first full time job right out of college, classes were the easiest thing to cut out in attempt to add a few hours of rest into my routine. We all know I didn't end up using those hours to rest. Instead I missed getting to meet new folks interested in pretty paper just like me. SO this fall, we've got four fabulous classes lined up at Rosanne Beck (hi Mom!), Hazen & Co., Barrington Gifts (just try walking out of there having not purchased a custom tote), and The Coterie over in Bishop Arts (entirely too Instagram-able). 
  3. Allllllllll the envelopes. Oh baby. As much as I'm out and about, on the move, traveling way too often and running myself down on sleep — I'm also almost permanently affixed to my kitchen table where I sit and slave over envelopes. Alright no, I don't slave over envelopes, I actually thoroughly enjoy them. That's by far the question I get asked most often: Don't you get tired of all those envelopes? The honest answer is No, it's relaxing for me and I love seeing them all lined up headed to the Post Office! The update here is that, like I said, the stream of business has been a-flowing so if you've got a special day coming up that you need some pretty penmanship for, hit me up ASAP because that calendar is filling on up!

If you've made it to the end, thank you very much for having an interest in M Calligraphy's 2nd year update. I have loved putting the time into this celebration and brand evolution, so I really hope y'all have enjoyed following along the birthday festivities as much as I've enjoyed celebrating! M Calligraphy is officially TWO, all thanks to the incredible customers like you who keep my business growing. 

Now scooch on over to Classes are reserve your seat!