Happy Birthday, M Calligraphy!

I cannot believe it — M Calligraphy is 1 YEAR OLD. How did that happen so quickly?! What an incredible year it's been. I've taught upwards of 20 classes and added my personal style to countless events, and today I'm looking back on it all while simultaneously looking forward to what the future holds. So. Crazy. 

The 1-year birthday brings *just a couple* of super exciting announcements:

  1. How 'bout this new website?! New year, new me. Well, really just an updated version of me. For year two, M Calligraphy received a much needed face lift, including new photography by the fabulous Peyton Frank and adding in the page you're reading right now. That's right, folks — M Calligraphy has incorporated a blog. I anticipate using this space to shine a light on custom calligraphy projects, as well as allowing for a mini creative space where I can share the excess of other projects I tend to take on. Should be fun :) 
  2. About time for some new classes, dontcha think? You'll notice that the new website came equipped with September + October 2016 class dates, all up and ready for you to reserve your seat. We all know how quickly those seats disappear, so snag yours now! You'll also notice that M Calligraphy Classes are venturing outside the studio to places like Branching Out Events, Swoozie's Dallas, and Bevello. This trend is here to stay — how much fun that we get to set up shop in a new place?! 
  3. Is that an Advanced M Calligraphy Class I see? Why yes it is. October 12th will be the very first Advanced #mcalligraphyclass, and I'm beyond excited. I hope I get to see some old faces back in class to learn some new tricks! 
  4. Anything else coming up? Oh. This is only the beginning, people. Be sure you're on the Madeleine Mailings list to receive updates on additional class dates, and here's a fun hint: M Calligraphy Classes *may or may not be* soon to venture outside of Dallas! I've got Houston, Tyler, Fayetteville, and Nashville on our mind... Any others you're dying for? My list could go on for days, but I've gotta start somewhere. 

And there you have it. M Calligraphy is officially one, and you're one of the first to read about it. Now scooch on over to Classes are reserve your seat!