Fall Feels

Two months too long since I vowed to keep this space updated with the goings on of M Calligraphy - yikes! It would be entirely too daunting to try and play blog catch-up. Tell me who has that kind of time. Instead, I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite fall highlights from the dark black hole that is Instagram. I figured this would be a more funky way to share a bit about where my focus has been:

Fly the W. Hey Chicago whatya say! In the last few weeks Chicago may have risen to my #1 favorite American city. I say 'may have' because I don't truly feel I could ever [out loud] say that another city besides Dallas holds my #1 spot. Regardless, what a time to become a Chicago obsessor + Cubs fan! The Everygirl re-posted this photo when the Cubs became World Champs, and I couldn't resist saving it. That breezy lettering is so eye catching. Photo via @chrissymakes

#ImACalligrafile. Imagine all of your idols housed in one perfectly curated place, then imagine them spilling all their juiciest tricks of the trade, and you have Calligrafile.com. I was ecstatic to stumble upon this new site that divulges all helpful calligraphy tips and resources, and invites calligraphers of all skill levels to join the circle. I've spent hours perusing and still feel like I haven't read it all! Photo via @calligrafile

October = Christmas. This entirely-too-accurate Insta was sent to me by a friend that shares my Christmas infatuation. We're told to slow down and soak up the most wonderful time of the year during the holidays, but the reality is, we're usually experiencing quite the opposite. While this post took the words right out of my mouth, it also served as a subtle reminder to *actually* try and hustle-bustle a little less. Photo via @newyorkcitylady

To Do: Sleep. Aaaand to wrap it all up + piggyback off that last thought - anyone else have to remind themselves to sleep every once in a while? Ask any single friend of mine and they'll be the first to tell you that I have a *minor* issue with a small thing called overcommitment. I like to do it ALL, and do it well. Which usually leads to some sort of mental/physical breakdwon and the inevitable conclusion that I take on too much. So instead, I wrote it down, and Instagrammed it no less: SLEEP! Photo via yours truly, @m.calligraphy

Just a few thoughts from the fall, and inspo for the holiday months to come. I opened a Happy card recently [see it here] that read, "If you woke up this morning, it's time to celebrate!" I think that about sums up my recent learnings and happenings: Don't sweat the small, and keep celebrating the large. And seriously get some sleep.